About J.C Professional Services

J.C. Professional Services provides superior quality and cost effective solutions that address the cleaning, upkeep, and general maintenance needs of your business or residence.  Our licensed and insured professionals work hard so you don’t have to.  Services provided include housekeeping, janitorial, window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, painting, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance and property cleanouts.

Excellent Service

J.C. Professional Services is a trusted name among commercial and residential cleaning companies in the Bay Area because we consistently deliver value through a superior quality service and premium products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  All of this contributes to making us a top-notch cleaning company.

We Care

J.C. Professional Services is the only commercial and residential cleaning company to clean using our company’s customer care philosophy.  This unique cleaning method sets us apart from other cleaning companies. We provide customers with cleaner, healthier businesses and residences by using a strategic and methodic cleaning approach


Higher Standards

Cleaning your business or residence according to high standards is our priority. We work hard to provide you with the cleanest, freshest, and healthiest business or residence possible. Our well-trained, knowledgeable cleaning staff is prepared to offer you the best experience possible. We aren’t afraid to tackle messy problems.

Contact Us

J.C. Professional Services is here to answer all your questions. You can contact us at info@jcproserv.com or
fill out the form here.